The right preparation for the bachelor thesis

Granted, at the beginning of a study, writing a bachelor’s thesis is still a long way off and more of a wish than a goal. Nevertheless, you should keep an eye on the writing of your thesis from the very beginning. The preparation for the bachelor thesis does not start with the knowledge transfer in the lectures or the learning for exams. In the time until the final semester you can already complete three important preparatory measures. I introduce you to this:

Reading scientific texts

Especially at the beginning of a study reading the literature can be very exhausting. On the one hand, because one can do little with the many technical terms and on the other, because the knowledge is lacking, to which the new information can dock. Add to that empirical and professional publications

  • have a different style and formulations than everyday reading
  • are usually more complex and contain a lot of information

Different authors also formulated differently and many publications are in English.

As a result, reading requires understanding the terms, understanding and extracting the underlying information and context, and working well with individual author formulations. Tiredness, frustration and demotivation can quickly develop here, especially among inexperienced readers. And now imagine that you only start with the creation of your thesis.

For this reason, I recommend starting reading a variety of specialist texts at an early stage. These are, for example, current studies, scientific articles and basic literature on a topic that you are particularly interested. Step by step and with increasing knowledge you can extend your reading to more in-depth and related topics. It is not necessary to read thick tomes several hours a day. 30 minutes or 1 to 2 articles per day also give a very considerable amount of work after a week or a month.

Even if it takes some time, you will eventually find that you can read faster, grasp, structure, and memorize content more easily. Good, if you have practiced that from the beginning. Then you are faster and less stressed when writing your thesis.

Writing scientific texts

The same is true of writing. Again, the exercise makes the master. This refers to the ability to formulate as well as the ability to use more than one or two fingers on the notebook while typing. If you write more frequently, you can experiment with different phrases (which, by the way, you automatically pick up when reading specialist literature). In the early days of my studies, I actually wrote interesting phrases and when I needed them, used them. If you practice this from the beginning, you will also be spared the stress and frustration on this point. But that does not mean that you can not get a writer’s block. But that is different and in this post I give you tips for effectively solving writer blockades.

Long-term topic limitation

I experience again and again that students have just before the deadline yet have no idea about which subject area they would like to write. It’s a pity, because a bachelor’s thesis is an essential part of the study that you should look back on with pride. In the optimal case, the topic is chosen so that it can be of help for entry into the profession. Therefore, I recommend to extend your own feelers as early as possible to a topic. This has the advantage that, when it goes into the concrete planning, you can think and search more purposefully. In addition, you can take appropriate seminars already in the study, which prepare you for it and possibly even some inspectors closer to the eye. In my experience, it’s always good to be able to say, “Your xy lecture sparked my interest and gave me the idea for the thesis!”

In summary, I note that you should prepare yourself for the later thesis at the beginning of your studies. Specifically through active and regular reading of professional publications and writing scientific texts. Incidentally, this has two additional positive side effects: You learn, even without exams, and the thesis becomes a concrete goal, so it is no longer a nebulous dream of dreams.