QSL in academic ghostwriting

Service features in academic ghostwriting

Granted, writing in academic ghostwriting or homeworking is, to a large extent, a trustbuilding achievement. Clients often have a lot of insecurity, especially in the case of the first assignment, and often have to give a confidence bonus in terms of topic editing, writing style, reliability and trustworthiness. Since some authors reward their performance partly in advance, this confidence bonus also extends to the financial component.

This imbalance does not exist in Academic Services. Because I generally have my orders paid for on account, I also go to my customers in a vote of confidence and that has not been disappointed so far. But this is only a small component of an order relationship between client and academic author.

The quality of the job relationship and the quality of the work received also play a major role. Even if I know the quality of my work, there is an information uncertainty among the customers, because I can tell a lot and rattling is now part of the craft.

Experience has shown that a firstclass order relationship in academic ghostwriting is characterized by an optimal combination of quality, service and performance. These three claims are the cornerstones of our daily work.

Quality Service Performance (QSL) are our promise to you!


is the sum of service, performance plus in my view passion for the work and appreciation of customers. These are very high for me even after more than ten years.

If you have already written homework, you know how a ghostwriter works and how well working with him has been. Especially at the beginning, this is very difficult.


consists of accessibility, friendliness, transparency, customer orientation and flexibility. The crucial questions are, how strongly does an author orient himself to the wishes of the customers, without calculating everything extra, and how well are the order and the copywriting for the customer comprehensible? Is there any insight into the work of the author, does he explain what he does and why? Does the author reveal options and leave the decision to the customer? etc.


is, of course, highly dependent on the qualification and experience of an author. Above all, the implementation of the requirements of scientific work, the style of writing and the range of possible topics count. The performance can be judged the hardest in advance. First signs provide, for example, examples or text references that are provided on request. An order processing in steps is also favorable, so that customers can assess the progress and the quality of the services provided in a timely manner and if necessary influence them. By the way, a good and professional author does not make any performance promises in the sense of guaranteed grades. To make such a statement, the requirements of the respective auditors are much too uncertain and different. If one promises a very good work as an author and achievesonlya good performance, one has indeed done a good job, but did not keep his promise of achievement. Alternatively, my credo is to always write like that and put so much energy into the work that I would do the work myself.

Tips for assessing a ghostwriter or agency

How can you tell when a relationship starts, or decide for yourself what quality you or a ghostwriter has?

You reach the author during normal business hours. If he is not available, he calls back shortly or sends information. Mail, SMS and WhatsApp make many things possible today.

  • The author gives you an insight into his work and explains his approach.
  • He shows you alternatives, may give recommendations, but leaves the decision to you.
  • The author follows speeches.
  • The author does not promise anything he can not keep and justifies it.
  • Challenges and difficulties in order processing are openly addressed and solved.
  • If desired, the author makes adjustments to his script unbureaucratically and quickly.

This gives you an idea of how to judge the quality of an academic author or agency, even if you have not yet placed an order. Very important: Listen to your gut feeling.

If you have a good feeling with your counterpart, this could also be a sign that the author suits you.

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We let our customers have their say in keeping with our QSL promise. The results can be found in the following two links.