8 tips against the risks of academic ghostwriting

Undoubtedly, academic ghostwriting has many advantages. Nevertheless, there are also the risks of academic ghostwriting: In my career as a scientific writer, I have already heard many things from my clients that have happened to other ghostwriters. From the delivery of plagiarism that led to the student’s failure, from giving a job that was so poor in content and quality, that the affected student was also night up to the shortterm jumping off of a job, everything was there. Overall, such incidents are not only very annoying, but can also be associated with serious consequences for the student, which can eventually lead to him or her not finishing his studies at the end.

Although critical of academic ghostwriting and thirdparty examinations, it must be said that as a ghostwriter you are a service provider and have a responsibility for the jobs you take on and the clients you attend.

In general, risks are always part of service contracts. This also applies to the hairdresser, the doctor, in further education or just with regard to the risks of academic ghostwriting. However, there are actions that can reduce risks.

  1. Early seek a ghostwriter of trust

The more important and extensive a job is, the greater the confidence you bring to a ghostwriter. It is all the more important that you have a clerk on hand that you can rely on and whose quality of work you know.

If it is foreseeable that you need support for your bachelor thesis, you will already be looking for it for about a year before you go to the final phase. If you find a ghostwriter the first time you can work well with someone who is reliable and experienced, then let him accompany you. However, if you did not find what you were looking for the first time or if you are unsure about the quality, please contact a second or third scribe if necessary.

Definitely take a few months to work on the bachelor thesis, or any other thesis. Test a scribe of your choice on smaller texts, such as a housework.

  1. Allow enough time for order processing

If you want to or have to place an order to an academic ghostwriter, make sure you have enough time. Basically, ghostwriters can write an academic paper at a higher tempo or in a short time. Experience has shown, however, that it takes more time for votes, agreements, etc., especially in the case of extensive work, especially if the examiner himself is contacted over and over again.

Also the actual expenditure for the text production is not always exactly to the day planable. For this reason, start placing the order as early as possible so that there are still enough buffers for unplanned delays, stressfree binding, printing and submitting work.

  1. Stay in regular contact with the ghostwriter

Even if you would like to transfer most of the work on the job to the ghostwriter, stay in regular contact with him. Ask at regular intervals for the current status and provide all necessary information for the job creation. In regular contact you will also find out if your requests are answered quickly, how the ghostwriter works and is there for you as his customer.

  1. Arrange partial deliveries at the beginning of the contract

The more extensive a job is, the more important it is that you agree on partial deliveries in advance. It is important that you do not have to accept as given what the ghostwriter presents to you. You are a customer and in the end you should hold a work that you can completely accept as yours. Finally, your name is under it. But this is only possible if your wishes and requirements are sufficiently and promptly taken into account. A gradual approach and recurring voting or at least information from your ghostwriter are essential.

  1. Do not settle premiums in advance

Advance payments are common in the field of scientific ghostwriting. Quite a few ghostwriters require a 100% upfront payment before completing the work. Linked to this is the risk that the money, if paid, is lost if the ghostwriter performs poorly or delivers on time.

At The Know’s! There is a policy of mutual trust. This means that just as our customers entrust us with their orders, we rely on them to reward our services. Our down payments during order processing are 0% to 50% depending on the size of the order and the length of the previous cooperation with a customer. The remainder of the fee will be paid upon completion of the order. So far we have always had very good experiences.

  1. Read the script before submitting

Even if your ghostwriter goes to great lengths to create the job, and it’s flawless, you should definitely read it before submitting. It is important that you know the content and know what you are giving. If the difference in the writing style of your previous work on this work is too great, you can make adjustments and make the work even more of your work.

And, as I hate to admit it, a ghostwriter also makes mistakes, typing mistakes that can still be there after a final proofreading.

  1. Request or perform a plagiarism test

Even though a work is so easy to read and looks good quality at first glance, trust is good, but control is relentless when it comes to plagiarism. We provide a plagiarism test with every order. That is included in the price. You should also request it from your ghostwriter or do it yourself, so you can sleep soundly even after the delivery and trust your work. To perform a plagiarism test myself, I recommend you Plagscan.

  1. Listen to the gut feeling

While the head finds for all the good or bad reasons that it considers reasonable or desirable, the abdomen’s intuition often knows very well what is really the case. So when it comes to working with an academic ghostwriter, or even giving up a job, listen to your guts. If anything does not feel right, try to figure out what it is. Talk to the ghostwriter about it too. If he can worry you, it will have a positive effect on your cooperation and strengthen the trust or bond. Otherwise, it could be an indication to trust another ghostwriter.

With these eight tips against the risks of academic ghostwriting at hand, you’ll surely find a reputable ghostwriter that suits you and allows you to share some of your academic or career path together. In addition, we inform you in the following article about the service quality, service and performance, which also apply when writing chores.